• The installation is complete, and I am very impressed with my new Phantom Screen. The installer ( David) was friendly, efficient, AND tidy. He carefully shared some important information with me regarding general maintenance, cleaning and the lifetime warranty. From start to finish, this has been a very easy and gratifying improvement to the comfort and beauty of my new home. Thank you!

    Linda Norton

  • We have had Phantom Screens on our home since 1999. We have them on 8 doors and 9 windows. They were all custom made, we love the way they let the breeze off the lake flow through the house and our outside Gazebo. We have harsh winters and love the way they're self storing and protected when not in use. About 3 years ago we had the new latches installed to all the doors which secures the doors in the wind.

    Y. Bellingar
  • We have worked with Retract Solutions for 4 years and thoroughly enjoy the service and excellent products. The Legacy and Executive Screens are the best we have seen. Our clients are very pleased in working with our Phantom by Retract Solutions.

    Robin Bauer
  • We had an invisible screen installed on our front door a few years ago and absolutely LOVE it!! We enjoy the product so much that we got another one for our garage entry to the house this past May. Friends and neighbors always ask about them!! They are beautiful and super functional!

  • I had a custom retractable screen installed. The installation was timely and the product very reliable. It provides a level of circulation far better than a standard screen door. I highly recommend the product and Retractable Screens from Lansing, Michigan.

  • We had a retractable screen installed in our front door. The service was outstanding, as was the quality of the product. We would not hesitate to use them again. Very good product and great customer service.

  • I am very happy with my Phantom Retractable Screen. They installed it very quickly and it was a great price! I get a lot of compliments on it and would recommend it to all my friends.

  • We have used Phantom Retractable Screens TWICE!! They were so easy to work with and their products are wonderful!!! Every time a friend comes to our door and our screens are in use, they are amazed by their functionality and design. I love that I can have a beautiful front door and not have to cover it with a standard screen door. These products are win-win!!

  • Long story short, I received great service from this company as they responded quickly for installation. Dave, the installer for my residence was polite and explained everything I needed to know. Within 48 hours of installation, my 6 year old nephew, while holding a cola slurpee went crashing through my new screen. I contacted the company the following workday and spoke with Jeff. He was understanding, polite and made me feel at ease with this apparent common mistake, minus the slurpee. Jeff was able to fit me in Dave's schedule the following day and the screen was repaired. I would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in screens.

    Doug C.
  • I had Phantom Screens hung on all my double hung windows. They look beautiful, hide when not in use and allow full and easy coverage that looks pleasing to the eye when in use. They roll back up into a beautiful cylinder that matches the window trim color. The cost was very reasonable and I am very happy. I had a phantom screen attached to my beautiful front door. They installed in on the spot and has very little upkeep. My puppy ran into it right after it was installed and it snapped back into its casing just like it was designed to do and it caused NO damage to the screen. I am VERY pleased.

  • My husband and I just had two more Phantom Screens installed in our home because we have been so pleased with the first screen we had installed a few years ago. We decided to use Retractable Solutions again because the first installation experience was handled so professionally. Jeff, who sets up the appointment and completes the paperwork, is warm, friendly and efficient. Dave, who installed all three of our screens, is exceedingly meticulous and prideful of his work. One of the last screens we had installed needed a minor adjustment and Dave returned shortly after the installation and corrected the problem. Retractable Solutions is a family owned business in Lansing, MI and they provide their customers with top-notch service. The Phantom Screen is an excellent product and I would only want Retractable Solutions to do our installation.