The Complete Guide to Outdoor Structures

Outdoor structures are multi-functional and multi-seasonal additions to an exterior living space. These features provide protection from the elements, define space, and offers refuge from the stresses of daily life. Incorporating these bold features into an outdoor design has become second nature for those designers, architects, and homeowners seeking different ways to prolong the convenient enjoyment of the outdoors.

Listed below are several structures that work well in any outdoor space. Depending on the goals of your design, you may want to choose a structure that can be utilized in a variety of different ways and times.


Pergolas are free standing structures with posts or columns that typically support an open roof of trelliswork with open sides. You can train vines or other plants to climb the structures for extra charm or add a retractable canopy for additional protection from the weather. To create a private retreat, consider pergola curtains to add a touch of romance and style. Pergolas are usually confused with a trellis or arbor, but in fact, there are some major differences between the three.


Trellis Structure

Lori Scott Landscape Design

Add charm to your garden area with a trellis. This particular structure has an open framework or lattice that is commonly used to support climbing plants. These structures can be built from wood, vinyl, or metal and may be freestanding or attached to the home. Trellises can be used to designate outdoor rooms and provide an extra layer of privacy.


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